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Up and down in a Flash! 
Why couple decided to 
‘future proof’ their home 
with a stylish domestic lift

Retired couple Stephen and Rebecca Flash installed a Stiltz Home Lift in their house because they specifically wanted to ‘future proof’ their home. Although neither had any mobility issues, they were both conscious that, at some point in the future, the stairs in their home may become a challenge.

Mr. and Mrs. Flash share a four bedroom detached house in Middlesex which they love. They felt the genuine possibility of having to move to a bungalow or retirement apartment – if the stairs did eventually become too difficult – would not be something they would ever contemplate.

Mrs. Flash was familiar with the concept of a domestic lift as her disabled mother had one in her home, but she was looking for a product that was smaller and much more elegant.

The couple came across Stiltz domestic lifts and were immediately impressed with the lift’s understated design, its compact size and the fact it could be quickly installed. They had previously looked at other home lift manufacturers but found that many of the lifts could not be fitted in their home without significant building work and disruption.

The Stiltz Home Lift, which has a small footprint of less than a square metre, was easy for the Stiltz team to install. The entire lift is a self-supporting structure with a unique internal drive system which bears the load of the lift. This meant there was no need for bulky hydraulics or the need to make use of load-bearing walls.

Unlike most traditional home lifts, Stiltz lifts are powered by the very quiet self-contained drive system which is housed out of sight at the top of the lift. The whole lift plugs into a standard domestic 13amp power socket – just like any other household appliance.

Mr. and Mrs. Flash ordered a top-of-the-range Stiltz Duo Vista Lift which is fitted with a clear body made from structural polycarbonate to give it a more contemporary look and feel. This style of Stiltz Home Lift has been designed to blend into any room’s décor and that is what the couple were specifically looking for.

The Flash’s decided that the downstairs hall was the perfect location for the lift with it travelling upstairs to the landing area. The simple installation process involved the removal of an airing cupboard, re-siting of some water pipes and reinforcement of the beams.

Mr. and Mrs. Flash are very impressed with the Stiltz Duo Vista Lift and have found the lift extremely useful for transporting heavier items up and down the stairs – as well as keeping the little people in the family amused!

Mrs. Flash said: “We were looking for a viable way of ‘future proofing’ our home because we were concerned that if we didn’t do something about it, and the stairs became a problem later on, there would be a risk of having to downsize to a flat. I’m not sure either of us would have coped very well with that.

“A stairlift didn’t appeal at all as they look weird and you still have to get on and off them! Plus, we have a turning staircase so it can get very expensive.

“My mother had a through-the-floor home lift but it was very big and not at all elegant. We spoke to a few home lift companies but none could offer us the type of product Stiltz have.

“I would describe the Stiltz lift as a perfect capsule. It’s totally reliable, discreet and has lots of clever safety features. We had it installed in the hall downstairs and as soon as it is upstairs we are just left with two narrow white posts.

“We put our luggage in it, our laundry – it is incredibly useful for transporting items from floor to floor. My eyesight is not what it used to be, so I also use the lift for carrying my new grandson in as it’s so safe. The lift has definitely met all of our expectations.”

I would describe the Stiltz lift as a perfect capsule. It’s totally reliable, discreet and has lots of clever safety features.


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